What's The Story?

Alright bab?!

I'm Cara, the owner/designer/magic maker of Planet Brill...

I'm a Brummie Italian on a space mission to bring joy with

Brill goodies!


Planet Brill began with the goal to spread positivity

through funky designs and promote some very important things:

🌈 Be yourself

🌈 Love yourself

🌈 Love others

Inclusive Items

You shouldn't have to worry about choosing gender when you shop, so all of Planet Brill's products are unisex and universal.

Clothing is S-5XL and relaxed fit to include

all body styles and shapes.

In each design you won't find any feminine or masculine stuff...

just Brill stuff!

Original Designs

I'm always doodling away and getting inspiration

from nature, pop culture and music

(mainly the 70s, 80s and 90s when music was fab)

Each design is so weird and wonderful

that they can only be discovered on Planet Brill!