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Digital Artist Residency

@ Craftspace, 2022-23

A collaboration with Birmingham-based arts charity Craftspace to create an online and in-person network of young people, listen to their thoughts and opinions, and come together to hear their stories at a final exhibition event.

Cara hosted collage workshops, street interviews, and launched an online survey.

The aim was to then create exhibition content that would change the visitor's perspectives of what life as a young person is like.

It needed to be educational, poignant and interactive.

The exhibition, held at The GAP, Balsall Heath and Joseph Chamberlain College, included a 4m long digital collage mural, interactive selfie wall, footage of street interviews, and infographics summarising the survey results.

Alongside the exhibition, Cara arranged a spoken word performance, open mic for young poets, and craft workshops run by local artists.

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