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BA(Hons) Design for Exhibition and Museums

Final Degree Project, 2020

An ethereal, immersive, and spiritual exhibition based on the impact of sound and music on our emotions and wellbeing.

The exhibition consisted of 3D inflatable sound zones, featuring a range of frequencies to depict a range of emotions and life experiences.

A journey through sound unlike anything the public would experience on a usual day.

digital collage

Inter-generational Target Audience 


Material Board




The purpose of the exhibtion was to show music in new forms, reconnecting each visitor to their own use of music.

The proposed client for The Significance of Sound was YOUTH CLUB, creators of the Museum of Youth Culture. This was to connect to the ever-evolving tastes and styles of youth through generations, and in doing so reaching the inter-generational target audience.

The proposed location was the communal arts centre Village Underground in Shoreditch, an ideal location to reflect the rich musical culture of the area, include the wide range of people local to it, and compliment the notion of recycling the past, similar to how the building was renovated into a hub of the arts.

The exhibition is divided into 7 ominous cave-like zones to reflect different uses for sound, filled with projected sound based on the Solfeggio Frequency, and connected

with silent transition tunnels.

These zones were to be constructed using PVC inflatables, LED tubing and acrylic prisms.

To navigate these zones, visitors would be given a touchscreen device that senses each zone entry and provides instructions on how to interact with the space, encouraging meditation and reflection.

spatial design

Floor Plan

1] Sound Cleanse Zone

2] Spiritual Zone

3] Positive Zone

4] Negative Mood Zone

6] Political Zone

Transition Tunnels

7] Reflection Zone

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